Vote Guide

Voting is a great way to allow you the player to promote our server and us as a server to give something back for that.    Our vote system works with with Top-Kal website and while normally it works quite well there are times where you might have an issue.    Here we will walk you through how the system works and what to do in cases of issues.

You do NOT have to be logged in to vote but it makes sense to do so since you will be needing to choose with what character you would like to vote with. If you are NOT logged in you have to type the character exactly as it appears in the game. If you are logged in then the character will automatically be filled in for you.

Steps to a Successful Vote

  • Step 1:   Login to USERPANEL

  • Step 2:   Click on Voting Rewards and enter details

  • Step 3:   Redirected to TOP-KAL website for voting

  • Step 4: Redirected automatically back to Abaddon-Kal website with confirmation.

  • You must be redirected back to our site in order for your vote coin to appear in your storage. The following section will show common issues and resolutions.

Issues and how to resolve them

  • This one is straight forward.  If you get this message you must wait the indicated time before voting again.

  • Some people have had issues with not receiving their vote rewards and this is not an issue with our site but rather with the Top-Kal api not redirecting back to our site. After voting if you get the following screenshot:

  • If you are not redirected and stay on the Top-Kal page then you will NOT get your vote rewards. What you must do here is click on your browser refresh and do the same proceedure of voting again.

  • After which it should bring you back to our site with the proper message:

  • Check your storage for item.