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  • Quick "Hotfix"

    Dear "SOON™" Warriors, we published a small hotfix which is already working on live server, as we don't need to restart the server for this Update. It's only a small Update, but since people w..

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    13 Sep 2019

  • Make Abaddon Great Again Part 2 | 11.09.2019

    Greetings Nostalgic Warriors, we heard you are hungry for some more Updates? Don't worry, we got you! Listening to your suggestion and as further improvement for our PA's, the upcoming Update will..

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    12 Sep 2019

  • Regarding Ticket System

    If you have written a ticket and feel like it has not been answered yet properly - please write a new ticket, as our ticket system is still not quite easy enough to work with, filtering through older ..

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    09 Sep 2019

  • Update: Make Abaddon Great again 09.09.2019 / first of many ..

    Dear Nostalgic Warriors, as previously mentioned, there are a few Updates being worked on and we are gonna release them bit by bit. We are working hard on making Abaddon great again and we liste..

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    09 Sep 2019

  • Release notes - Minor Update

    Updates for 31.08.2019 - D4 respawn timer lowered - Some quest adjusted by increasing monster amount to make it a bit easier for new players - EXP in D4 (F4+) and D2 slight adjustment. More to f..

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    31 Aug 2019