Latest News & Updates

  • Abaddon V2

    Server is up but not being updated. We have begun work on Abaddon V2 Please don't ask when we it will be ready or when we will be opening as that question can only be answered when we are past all..

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    15 Oct 2020

  • Update 09.03.2020

    - Windows 2004 Version fix - 1 client limination for Battlefield - G41 Eagle Skill damage adjustment - Login Server fix (no more login server issues sometimes in the morning hopefully) - added Sou..

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    03 Sep 2020

  • Patchnotes 22.07.2020

    Some further D2 adjustments D2 Mage Storm Mobs: - reduced elemental resistences - increased exp - increased respawn timer from 30 seconds to 60 seconds - decreased idle movement speed to avoid ..

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    22 Jul 2020

  • HotFix

    -Fixed Battlefield map (object missing) -Fixed Call range

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    02 Jul 2020

  • Game updates

    Update 01.07.20 Battlefield: - registering for battlefield now saves up in a DB aswell (like GvG's), therefore you don't need to reg again after server any sort of server restart - a couple of ..

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    01 Jul 2020