Latest News & Updates

  • Minor Updates

    Updates today include: - MD5 security fixes - New (additional) In game vote rewards NPC at Narootuh - Abaddon Bulletin (also at Narootuh) will be used for website. Clicking it will open browser -..

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    01 Apr 2020

  • Latest updates

    - Emok : fixed (hopefully) final issues many were experiencing with time. - Skillbook G6 defense incantation working - Call of Physical of Attack : updates include range from party will debuff you, ..

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    30 Mar 2020

  • Updates for 23.03.20

    - Exp for mage mobs (a4 patrols, a6 all mobs, a8 all mobs) have been slightly increased - Exp for all mobs at A7 have been increased - max. crit damage of Patrol on Emok has been decreased - skill ..

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    23 Mar 2020

  • Maintenance and Updates

    - AFK Check system reaction timer has been adjusted from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. - This system "should" trigger way less than before but we will be monitoring it and is system wide now. - T/S syst..

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    18 Mar 2020

  • Windows update + some

    Along with Windows Updates I have included the following: - CW Fix (hopefully we have a successful on this Sunday) Castle War declare should be allowed 3 hours prior to CW. - Emok Cert/Time fix...

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    07 Mar 2020