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  • Abaddon Roadmap / Emok Release etc.

    Greetings Abaddon Community! You have been wondering about what's going on in the background, what are the admins working on - and when will Emok finally be updated to live server? Today I've go..

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    03 Aug 2021

  • Patchnotes 29.06.2021

    - Fix Hypno: the person receiving it (while stuck) still can refine and perform other skills - Stun: similar issue as Hypno, fixed Please use Launcher to update or Manual Patch. Full Client also ..

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    29 Jun 2021


    Dear Community, We have migrated from OVH to HyperFilter. It is important that you either download the FULL client or the Manual Patch (both have been updated). The launcher will NOT update its..

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    17 Jun 2021

  • UEFA Euro Cup

    Patchnotes 15.06.2021 UEFA Euro Cup For this year's UEFA Euro Cup we will be holding KalOnline's most favorite "Guess which country wins the World Euro cup!!" Event. We've added the 24 flags ..

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    15 Jun 2021

  • Patchnotes 10.06.2021

    Patchnotes 10.06.2021 - fixed issue with the channel system and added it back - added d3f8 and d3f9 to channel system - increased exp rate for low-level players & newcomers (doubled until level 5..

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    10 Jun 2021