• UpdateServer Maintenance 08.06.2019

  • Upcoming Server Maintenance will include
    New Guild system:
    - max. 25 normal Members per Guild
    - 2,5kk EXP needs to be donated to reach level 4 Guild (instead of 16kk)
    - 60 contribution points needed for lvl 4 Guild (instead of 400)
    Castle War:
    - CW declaration starts Saturday 20:00 GMT+2 and ends Sunday 19:00 GMT+2
    - Castle War takes place Sunday 20:00 GMT+2 till 21:00 GMT+2
    Alliance System:
    - Alliances will be automatically killed and disabled to create new ones past Saturday 19:50 GMT+2 and are enabled again on Sunday past 22:00 GMT+2.
    - The Alliance system will only be a feature to have as an alliance chat during the week, but is completly disabled during Castle War.
    Bug Fixes:
    - LA not consuming Mana has been fixed
    - Honor & Reward Point gain for PvP's have been fixed and therefore Honor points resetted, since people got way too many Honor Points than it should've been
    - all Minimaps have been edited so the transformation between different Minimaps look smoother and overall nicer
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    Saturday, 8 June 2019 at 05:26 PM