• UpdateUpdate: Make Abaddon Great again 09.09.2019 / first of many Updates

  • Dear Nostalgic Warriors,
    as previously mentioned, there are a few Updates being worked on and we are gonna release them bit by bit.
    We are working hard on making Abaddon great again and we listened to all your suggestions. So here are the Updates coming at you today:
    - 2nd bag added to D4
    - Demon Patrol (the Archers) attack ranged has been lowered, you should not be attacked through walls anymore as long as you dont stand directly next to it
    - Flame Plant dmg has been slightly decreased (more to come within next days)
    and last but not least
    - the best ToP's, ToI's, ToW's together with ToA's and ToD's have been added (and those which were already added - droprate increased) to PA level areas
    There are plenty more Updates to come, this ist just the beginning!
    We listened to you, now its time to deliver!
    Abaddon Team
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    Monday, 9 September 2019 at 11:03 PM