• UpdatePatch Notes for 27/07/19 and 03/08/2019

  • Dear nostalgic warriors!
    We have been preparing another Update for you. This Update happened to turn out quite big.
    For that and several other reasons, we're splitting up this Update in two parts.
    The first part of the Update will be released now (27/07/2019), while the second
    part of the Update will be released saturday (03/08/2019) of the next week.
    Patch Notes for the first part (27/07/2019):
    - BoF half/full set bonus:
    	- half & full set bonus stats have been adjusted. half set grants you now +2 of the stats and full set another +3, which adds up to +5 additional stat points for having full set
    - The not properly working system, which ended up killing existing allys and denying creating new ones has been removed. Ally system and cw declaration should be working normaly again.
    - Mixing Stone droprate has been increased
    - Weapon Artisan has been removed from the game and with him all the canon related items for CW (if sb. skilled artillery, write a ticket to get a Skill Point refund)
    - Thunder Storm min damage has been slightly increased, while max damage has been decreased
    - Thunder Storm cooldown has been increased
    - Snow and Fire Storm damage have been slightly increased
    - Poison Cloud damage has been increased
    - Powerful Widening Wound mana cost has been reduced (only the 3rd hit)
    - Inventory Expansion has been added to the game for the price of 10 jewels for a month of expansion
    - 2 new spawns have been added to Highland
    	- one spawn with murderer and traitor knights
    	- one spawn with traitor warriors and shocks
    Patch Notes for the second part (03/08/2019):
    Mix System:
    Mixing NPC will be finally added back into the game. You will be able to mix and imp your weapons the oldschool way. We have 
    created grade based success chances. G40 Weapons will have 50% success rate for imp/mix - the success rate is gradually decrease to
    20% for higher grade Weapons.
    D4 is going to be opened. Demon Workers will be taken out of the dungeon - as the majority of you have been voting for on discord.
    We will be trying to replace those Workers, but if we can't make it in time, we will open D4 with F1 & F2 empty and add new monsters later to those floors.
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    Saturday, 27 July 2019 at 03:37 PM