• Hello everyone, we appreciate everyones patience we have been working as fast as we can to fix the accounts that were affected and also update the user panel for more security for you the player.
    We have now added a Change ID option so PLEASE USE IT!!!  As long as you do not change your ID, you will not receive support in case of being cleaned out!!  One thing to note we have removed the change email option and for now if you need an email change you must submit a Support Ticket for that.
    We have randomized the SN once again so please do a recovery of your SN (it will go to your current email).
    We recommend EVERYONE change their IDs NOW (server is not yet up) and the process is quite easy:
    - Login with your current username/password
    - If your password is not working (we did NOT change PW this time) do a Forgot Password first to recover it
    - Click on Recover SN (sent to your current email)
    - Choose Change ID put in New ID and Secret Number and submit 
    - Logout of User Panel and then log back in with new ID
    - Done
    We are almost done the cleaning and are getting ready to open up again.
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    Thursday, 18 July 2019 at 11:47 PM