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  • Notice about Server Maintenance and the stuff going on the last couple of days:
    As you probably noticed, alot of weird things happened the last few days. We're gonna explain you with this notice what has happened, so you can understand what's going on and hopefully will understand why we have to do a full 5 day rollback. Yes rollback - let me explain you why.
    It seems like on 10th of July someone successfully hacked his way into our adminpanel. He tried sending himself a few items (which caused the crashes we had that day). We noticed it, disabled our adminpanel & banned this person.
    We assume that this person sadly got to download a full List of the ID/SN/E-Mails (pw's are not in admin panel) and immediatly started to brutforce his way into accounts via Userpanel. Once inside, they were able to change PW with the SN they already had and with that they were also able to change E-Mail.
    That way they probably got access to about 30 accounts, before we noticed and added recaptcha to our website, so they cant bruteforce their way in anymore. The gamebreaking part about this is, that within those 30 accounts was also an Admin Account. We assume that the hacker logged into Admin Char and killed Demon Queen / Doggebi Lord with some hacked accounts in party. Thats how some of the hacked chars leveled way too fast and G56 Weapons started popping up on the server. Also with the hackers selling all the items from the hacked accounts for super cheap prices, they made it nearly impossible to track back all those items. Especially not without doing harm to the ones who bought those items.
    So here is what we (have to) do now next to the rollback. We changed all swaped (by hacker) emails back to original from the day before those hacks started happening, changed all SN's to a new random SN and sent out the new SN to your E-Mail. And last but not least, we changed all Passwords to random PW's, to maximize the security, so the hackers have no chance to get back into any of your accounts. You will have to click the "Forgot your password?" Button at Userpanel Login-Screen, enter your Email and recover your password.
    Many people will hate it, us included (some will even quit) and we know there will be an outcry...but this is the only way we can keep on going. It may mean a downfall to the server but we couldn't just stay with our arms crossed and do nothing.  We have weighed all options and this is what we think will be best.
    We hope you have some understanding for us,
    Babedebibu & spicman
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    Tuesday, 16 July 2019 at 09:55 AM