• UpdatePatch Notes 03.07.2019

  • Knight/Commander rework
    - PWW damage has been reworked in damage and level scaling (added multiplier to scale with phys dmg)
    - PWW mana consumption has been lowered to 18 + grade of PWW
    - added more defense to shields, so lvl -50 knights and commanders in general have a better defense scaling
    - fixed screwed up ToD/ToA drop ratio
    - added back the second geon bag to d3 higher floors
    - merged (without highering the droprate in total) highland droptables
    - added Destructing Key Point and Protecting Leader GVG
    - check Website (not yet, will be updated soon) or ingame Schedule Board for PvP times
    - PvP NPC's are in temp near Blacksmith
    - lowered defense/hp/absorb/eva/resitences of Towers in Destructing Key Point GVG
    - lowered defense/hp/absorb/eva/resitences of Sealed Commanders in Protecting Leader GVG
    - added warning Notice 10, 5 and 1 minutes before GVG's and CW start
    - deleted the abandon button in Quest window (again)
    - pimping weapons from +8 to +9 success rate has been fixed (was lower due to a bug caused by lowering guild members limit)
    - D3 EXP has been slightly increased overall
    - added more level rewards (meds) for newcomer to be able catching up faster
    Other Skills:
    - lowered CD of Mockery
    - lowered CD of Hypno
    - we are currently reworking Poison Cloud. We already made some progress, but we're not done yet to be able to publish the changes of that skill yet
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    Wednesday, 3 July 2019 at 11:41 PM