Basics / Areas

  • 3 Characters: Archer, Mage, Knight
  • EXP Rate x2
  • Slightly increased Int like Droprate
  • Skilling via “S” is disabled. Skill teachers are the way to upgrade skills.
  • Only D1, D2, D3,  and D4.  Emok will be added later. Maybe more.
  • New Aggro System (you don’t have to click every mob)
  • Old Highland mobs (for Mages to IR, not for GoS to spin)
  • Old Devil Beach
  • Old Doggi Beach
  • Old Mad Knight village
  • Old Cities including Old Temp with old wooden Temp Gate
  • Blob System enabled
  • Int like Teleport system with teleports in your inventory, you can buy at merchant (Yes you will have to walk in every city at least once!)
  • No Starter NPC. Players get a starter pack with some speed ups, meds, teleports, exp stones and low grade armor and weapon set. Also you receive level up rewards every now and then.
  • Assassin drop enabled
  • Multiple clienting is limited to 5
  • Exp Stones (50%) can only be obtained as a voting reward. We have a fully detailed explanation on how to receive those Vote Coins, which you can trade in for Exp Stones, Meds and Horns. Those Exp Stones also increase Quest Reward Exp, so use them wisely!


  • Max dropable stuff currently is G55 armor and G59 Weapons. Endgame content will be with G60 armor and G62 Weapons with adding Emok Island later on
  • Max buyable stuff at NPC is g42 armor / g42 weapon (Grades increase from city to city)


  • Old PvP formula for actual fun in pvp even in the lower lvls
  • current PvP Systems are: CW, DT, PL and DK. Battlefield will probably be added later
  • Reward Points can be traded for the usual honor accessories and skill books. Armor and weapons are not purchasable for Reward Points.
  • Shields g40+ are also dropped by normal mobs


  • Old Pimp and mix system (No 16/16 Tali stuff or stones that you can directly put on your weapon. Pimping with revision stones)
  • Talis ingame: ToProtection, ToIntensification, ToDefence, ToAccuracy, ToMagic, ToAttack, ToWonder


  • All Quests 1-60 are working. For the ppl that only played private: Event quest are required for JobChanges and normal quests are for exp and sometimes additional Skill and Contribution Points. So the guide from HERE can be used.
  • JobChange quest have to be done normally (no jc NPC)


  • Max Speed G3 (By speed ups and Mages)
  • ICs LA is OTP based but damage and lifeleech has been slightly decreased, while cooldown has been slightly increased.
  • Soul Destruction has been nerfed and does no AoE damage. While it does scale with wisdom, you should not be playing CJB if SD damage is your main concern. CJB is clearly a supporter role on this server.

KC Items/Vote Coins/Jewels

  • You can buy KC items via DC shop, but all (non-cosmetic) added kc items do also drop rarely.
  • There is a Vote-Coin store where you can trade your Vote Coins for Exp Stones, Meds and Horns as previously mentioned.

C/S Center/GM Contact

  • We have ticket system via user panel. If you have problems, suggestions, found bugs or hackers/botters you can message us there. There will be no GM ingame contact at all. If you found any abusable bug, it is your duty to report it asap to us, as abusing it will get you banned. Also do not post about it in public chat, else other people will try to abuse it until the bug is fixed.