Basics / Areas

  • 3 Characters: Archer, Mage, Knight
  • EXP Rate x1
  • Slightly increased/customized Int-oriented Droprate
  • Skilling via “S” is disabled. Skill teachers are the way to upgrade skills.
  • Dungeons/Areas: D1, D2, D3, D4, HL and Emok (Will be updated one after the other).
  • New Aggro System (you don’t have to click every mob)
  • Old Highland mobs (for Mages to IR, not for GoS to spin)
  • Old Devil Beach
  • Old Doggi Beach
  • Old Mad Knight village
  • Old Cities including Old Temp with old wooden Temp Gate
  • Longterm server, so the slow progress pays off (16 Months in V1, let’s overcome this in V2!)
  • Blob System enabled (can be switched on/off by pressing “b”)
  • Int like Teleport system with teleports in your inventory, you can buy at merchant
  • No Starter NPC.
  • Assassin drop enabled


  • Old PvP formula (not lvl based, like on int today)
  • PvPs are: CW, DT, Destruction Key Point GvG, Protecting the Leader GvG & Battlefield (For now)
  • Reward Points Points can be traded for Honor Accessories and Skillbooks
  • No Honor weapons


  • Old Pimp and mix system (No 16/16 Tali stuff or stones that you can directly put on your weapon. Pimping with revision stones)
  • Talis ingame: ToProtection, ToIntensification, ToDefence, ToAccuracy, ToMagic, ToAttack, ToWonder


  • All Quests 1-60 are working. For the ppl that only played private: Event quests are required for JobChanges and normal quests are for exp and sometimes additional Skill and Contribution Points. So the guide from can be used.
  • JobChange quests have to be done normally (no jc NPC)
  • Note: EXP Stones do affect quest exp. Always activate EXP stone when you hand in a quest!


  • Max Speed G3 (By speed ups and Mages)
  • ICs LA is OTP based

KC Items/Vote Coins/Jewels

  • You can donate for KC items via DC shop, but all (non-cosmetic) added KC items will also drop rarely