Drop List

Location Item (W)eapon / (A)rmor
Narootuh G1, G5, G9, G13 W / G8, G16 A
Cargo G13, G17 W / G8, G16 A
Mine G13, G17, G21, G25, G29 W / G16, G24 A
Temp Fort G25, G29, G33, G37, G40 W / G24, G32, G42 A
Forsaken Forest G40, G45 W / G42, G46 A
Pub G45, G50 W / G46 A
Highlands G45, G50, (G53 super low rate) W / G46, G50 A

Chief of the Traitor's Hangout,
Gigantic Species Master :
Same slighty higher G53 droprate
D1 G40, G45, G48, (G50 super low rate) W / G46 A
D2 Minister, Maid, Royal Tomb Keeper, Warrior of Shadow Troop :
G45, G48 W, (G50 W superlow rate) / G46 A

Hook of Shadow Troop - Chief Guard,
Escort of Royal Tomb :
G45 - G50 W (G53 W super low rate) / G46, G50 A

Commanders of Royal Tomb :
Higher G50 Armor droprate
D3 Monster Face - Monster of Demon Crack Troop :
G50 W

White Beast of Demon Crack Troop - Punitive Force of Demon Crack Troop :
G50 A

Hermit of White Beard - High Class Guardian of Doggebi :
G53 (G56 super low rate) W / G50 A

Black Panther Doggebi - Guardian of Doggebi :
G53 (G56 super low rate) W / G50 A
D4 Demon Worker, Manager of Demon Worker,
Demon Guard, Demon Patrol :
G50, G53 W / G46 G50 A

Boss of Demon Worker, Demon Patrol,
Demon Infantry, Black Armored Insect : G53, G56 W / G50, G55 A

Crazy Demon Warrior, Demon Defender :
G56, G59 W / G55 A
(G62 Weapon not yet, but will be super low droprate)
D3F4 +
D2H2 +
D4F3 +
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